Why M.C. West

Someone advocating for Arizona

MCW for AZ Gov | about Mike

Retired Spanish Teacher of Tempe Union High School District,

Retiree of Illinois and Arizona Teacher Retirement Programs,

Former Owner & CEO of an International Publishing Agency

Son of a Police Officer, and

a Descendent of Bradford Francis/Eugene West (of Mayflower Compact) starting 1620-1647.

Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts to Waukegan, Illinois to


Resident of Maricopa County since 2008 (age 30).

HYBRID Candidate due to the specific needs of AZ after the Pandemic Years.

Intro of MCW ideas:

I want to start shifting the conversation to consider all that we have learned from the Pandemic years. My leadership role would focus on 3 major initiatives: Mental Health of our citizens, Teachers and Students THRIVING in our Educational System, and the ADJUSTING conditions of our workforce in the Maricopa County area.
As everything stopped, our world was faced with an epic global crisis. I don’t know about you but I was watching everything in order to find out if this was a real crisis or a manipulated or rather exaggerated dilemma to get us to vote or something…
We are still trying to sort out our world. One thing that I am most grateful for is being a resident of a beautiful state during such an historic era. All I can say now that the dust has cleared…look at our GREAT state! Our great people! And our well-functioning  government. As Governor Ducey finishes his 8 years of service and aspires for Washington D.C., he ought to be commended.
He maintained Arizona as a GREAT southwestern state. We need to support elected officials AND NOT bash them publicly without UNDERSTANDING the greater context (por favor).  Californians either need to PAY it FORWARD or go back to their respective home states and complain 🙂
Even citizens like Mountain Side Fitness Owner/CEO Tom Hatten, who appropriately challenged the state for the right to remain an “ESSENTIAL business” is a POSITIVE example of citizens respecting the process and challenging the historic pandemic.

1. Addressing Mental health by bringing a distinct insight, fresh perspectives, and mental health awareness

Schools set the example of our world. As a lifetime Educator serving in roles from teaching Spanish or German, or Psychology or Civics, I believe I have an INSIGHT into the problems facing a place I love very much.

As a small business owner of an International Educational Consulting & Publishing Agency, I lend new PERSPECTIVES to the highest leadership role in the state.

And finally, as someone who has been clinically diagnosed with A Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I believe my leadership would bring AWARENESS to educators, Law enforcement, homeless, and our precious youth.

Living with Anxiety and Depression is common place and todays’ LEADERSHIP should reflect its people and the governing body ought to advocate for its people and the well-being of all.  VOTE MCW for Arizona.

2. Addressing Concerns of an antiquated School system

Mental Health of Men, Children, & Women is of extreme importance the next 4 years.  Adapting Pandemic lessons of remote learning  9-12  school settings will attract quality teachers again and reflect a 21st model of Curriculum and Instruction.

By August of 2023 there will be plenty of time for Teachers, Parents, community Resources, and Students to adapt and thrive in a hybrid school schedule.

  • 1. Seat time will reflect a 3:2 hybrid schedule in ALL 9-12 Public Institutions. Private and Charter Schools can make decisions fit in to their respective communities.
  • 2. Teachers will be required to only Teach Academic-based courses 3-days per week for 3-6–9 month contracts. This “lighter” schedule will benefit all aspects of our state.
  • 3. Statewide Mentoring/Internship/Volunteering Program on Tuesdays & Thursdays will open up opportunities for Mental Health and Vocational Initiatives for the future Workforce.
Statewide Mentoring/Internship/Volunteering Program designed for longterm growth of our state.
3. Addressing Concerns of the Workforce and guests from California and Latin America.

The pain point for most Arizonians has to do with our relationship to time and money. By shifting Secondary Education to a more flexible schedule I believe the byproduct will be NOTICED and APPRECIATED by the workers of our state.

Most of us do NOT what to go back to unhealthy and STRESSFUL working environments, nor should we. BUT we must be productive and we must have purpose by serving others. My LEADERSHIP as Governor WILL reflect a for the people by the people and for the purpose of PROSPERITY for all socioeconomic categories of our people.

  • We must discuss the drug use in our state and how to kindly shift to safer practices in dealing with Illegal drugs, Alcoholism, and other Addictions developed by our people during the Pandemic.
  • We must kindly manage and decrease the number of citizens moving her from out of state and bringing their respective problems to our state government.
  • We must discuss how to increase Civil Servants of all types while reducing frustrations of our fatigues workforce. \
  • Political redistricting or shift using 303, 202, 101 and Grid system.
  • Cannabis advocacy in order to replace dependence on harmful substances
  • Crypto investments for government and citizen use AND cash APPS that makes sense (PayPal, VENmo, and Arizona-based CREDIT UNIONS and Banks).

In review of Governor Ducey’s State of Arizona Executive Budget Summary of Fiscal Year 2022, the state budget is expected to reflect a $881 million surplus.

The Republican and Bipartisan efforts to maintain Arizona as a leader in Business, Education, and Tourism must be continued by the next (Republic-Minded) AZ Governor.

Over the first 6 years of Governor Ducey’s Administration, his office limited spending growth to 3.9% while increasing K-12 Education by over $1.7 billion. Ducey’s FY 2022 Executive budget continues a fiscally conservative trend. However, the total spending grows by 7.4% with increases attributed to the formula increases in health care and education. With increases and changes in our demographics, Leadership must be mindful and strategic with future program funding.

4. Relevant Arizona General Fund spending

  • Education expenditure $520 million = FY 2020
  • Education expenditure $521 million = FY 2021
  • AHCCCS expenditures $1.76 million = FY 2020
  • AHCCCS expenditures $1.95 million = FY 2021

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